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Come share my passion for photography! When an image appears in my viewfinder or when editing is complete on my screen or when the printer spits out a new print, and everything has come together to make the image work, a shiver goes down my spine. Photography has once again touched my soul. Yes, there is preparation and experience and effort, but ain't it grand when work is this much fun? 

Between this photographer and this medium, it's almost like a love story.

I am a commercial photographer, which means I serve businesses rather than individuals and families. I do a great deal of portraiture, but it is primarily commercial portraiture. (No families, seniors, or weddings. There are plenty of photographers who take on those subjects.) My job is to make each commercial shoot comfortable, efficient, and maybe a little bit fun, but the main goal is to produce results—every single time.

As a professional photographer since 1980, my work is about service and I take the word "professional" very seriously. The perfect job is one in which both my client and I are proud of the images we have created together, and we part looking forward to our next collaboration.

I am also an artist using the medium of photography. I create personal images almost daily, sometimes for the sheer joy of making photographs and sometimes as an exercise to keep my eye "in shape." These images help to improve and evolve my commercial photography. But it works both ways. My commercial work, with its strict disciplines, helps to improve and evolve my personal work, which is now being hung in an ever-increasing number of locations.

My philosophy about both up-to-date technology (cameras, lights, computers, and printers) and my studio (a renovated century-old grocery store) is that these powerful tools are used to better serve my clients and to improve the work itself.

"Learning never ends" has long been my life motto. The more I learn about photography, this business, and the world around me, the more I am humbled by what I do not know. Onward!

If you have questions about our services, contact me or my office manager, Paula O'Neal.